Crispy Apps

Crispy Apps is developing Apps for Windows 8. Here you can find a overview of the apps that where build so far.

Castle Web Camelot

Castle Web Camelot is a fun game that you can play with your webcam. The computer will use your webcam to look at your movements and the knight will move the same way you do (like a Xbox Kinect). The goal is to jump over holes and duck for flying arrows. Finally you will reach Castle Camelot. You can also use the mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. This game can be a good and fun way to exercise.

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Speed it Up (Toontje hoger)

How much feeling do you have for music? Should the song be quicker or slower? Figure it out with "Speed it Up". Select a song from your music library. When the songs start playing, you can speed it up or slow down by pressing the arrow buttons. You have 30 seconds to get the correct speed. a score of 100 means you selected the correct speed.

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Bee Gee Me

BeeGeeMe lets you sound like the BeeGees or Berry White. Speed up your voice or a song from your music library.

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Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice is a nice little app that lets you roll dice. Are you playing a game, but can't find the dice? This app is your friend. You can use up to 10 dice per roll. Play craps, Yahtzee or any board game, with this app as your digital dice.

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Shuffle Mania

Shuffle Mania is a sliding puzzle game. You can puzzle with videos and photos. The number of pieces can be set from 4 pieces up till 64 pieces! It can be very challenging for all ages. There are several sample graphics, but you can also shuffle your own videos and pictures and puzzle until all the pieces are in the correct place.

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Thanx to Leon Bolwerk for the illustration

Learn to add / Reken dobbelsteen

Learn to add, subtract and multiply while playing with the dice. Count the numbers on the dice. Use 2 or more dice.

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Multi Counter

With this app you can count about anything. Add multiple counters for counting people, knitting, scores, or what ever you want.

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Old Windows versions

This app is intended as a joke. Are your friends still not used to Windows 8? Tell them that's no problem: you can use any Windows version you want on your device. Amaze your colleagues when you tell them you can use Windows 3.11 on your tablet or let Windows Millennium show a blue screen to have a good laugh. Or maybe you are just a little nostalgic like me and you like to see how it was back in the day. Just to be clear: This app doesn't have any real Windows functionality!

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More to come, very soon....

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